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Acute Otitis media: Diagnosis and management


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Acute otitis media is a common infection, especially in young children, and may be of viral or bacterial origin. Most cases will resolve spontaneously within 3-7 days, but there are circumstances when a prescription for antibiotics may be appropriate, and in some cases urgent referral or admission is warranted.


On completion of this module you will be better able to:

  • Make an accurate diagnosis of acute otitis media (AOM)
  • Prescribe antibiotic and analgesic treatment, if appropriate
  • Know when to admit or refer to secondary care
  • Manage people with persistent or recurrent AOM
  • Give advice on measures to reduce the risk of recurrent episodes


Guidelines in a nutshell: Public Health England. Management of infection: guidance for primary care, January 2017

Antibiotic resistance: what can we do? Dr Ed Warren

This resource is provided by Clarity Informatics at an intermediate level. Read the article and answer the self-assessment questions, and reflect on what you have learned.

Complete the resource to obtain a certificate to include in your revalidation portfolio. You should record the time spent on this resource in your CPD log.